Release Notes


The Toontown World Online team is always striving to make your game bigger, better and more fun. Thanks to you, and the input you give us, we have created this section to keep you in-the-know with game updates, changes and new releases. Check back here from time to time because you never know what might be around the corner!

April 22, 2018 [TTW-Pre-Alpha:]

This is a maintenance patch

We hope to address some quick issues:

  • Improved moderation tools in-game and outside.
  • Fixed an issue where new Toons couldn’t use Unites. Similarly, new Toons sometimes couldn’t use chat.
  • Addressed an API protocol issue with registration.
  • Preparing some “things” for an unannounced event. Stay TOONED.
  • Continued works on Name Approvals - additional scenarios where Toons could not load their Toon selection screen were resolved.
    • We have additional patches to come to complete all different scenarios with Name Approvals to have this new system 100% Toontastic!

April 21, 2018 [TTW-Pre-Alpha:]

This is a maintenance patch

We hope to address some quick issues:

  • Disabled the ghost feature when decorating your house.
  • Additional fixes for Name Approvals causing the user to get stuck in name creation.


April 20, 2018 [TTW-Pre-Alpha:]

This is a maintenance patch

We hope to address some quick issues:

  • Addressed an issue where a Field Office would cause a District crash when an XP Booster was active! Get busting!
  • Addressed an issue with Make-A-Toon where all names submitted would return approved! Tsk!

Patches we've done behind the scene that have been rolled out already - changelogs above will be applied along with this changelog:

  • Increased population limits

April 15, 2018 [TTW-Pre-Alpha:]

This is a maintenance patch

We hope to address some quick issues:

  • More tweaks to the Holiday system - this allows multiple holidays to run at a time, where previously the system could only run 3 at a time.
  • Holiday's automatically start/stop as they are supposed to without the need to issue a maintenance on the game servers.
  • Improvements to Holiday administration toons.
  • We've added Field Office ToonTips.
  • Fix SpeedChat whisper frame cutoff.
  • Cleaned up some bogus code.
  • Tweaked a backend feature.
  • Started improvments to Friends.
    • It now lists all online friends
    • Properly lists all added friends
  • Implement Toon deletion security, now it requires a password.


  • More tweaks to fish bingo events (correct Fish Bingo start/stop dates)
  • Implemented staff birthday notifications.
  • Tweaked some staff commands.
  • Did some code cleanup.
  • Sorted some typos for Field Office Toontips.
  • Added a graphical asset at the Sellbot HQ to add more depth to Factories.
  • Make Toon HQ Trophy Manager save data after restarts.
    With this change the scores will be kept a lot longer in the leaderboards and will stay much longer - maintenance periods should no longer refresh the leaderboard list.
  • Implement a teleport cooldown of 2.5 seconds so fellow Toon's can't just request teleport after teleport requests.
  • Disable "official" content pack support.
  • A potential fix for closet overfilling at your Estate.
  • Legalese attacks stronger for high-end Lawbots.
  • Addons to moderation tools. Very exciting!


  • Finished and released Estate Cannons!
  • Sadly, the CFO has been peaking at the VP's exploits and learned a new trick! He jumps to revive his Goons!
  • The Gag Menu while battling will show you how many turns a Lure Gag will last for.
  • Give Toon's teleport access to ALL Cog HQ's when they get their last suit.
  • We have added some Staff birthday to holidays.
  • Disable add as friend, truefriend, ignore and report for users who view staff member profile card.
    • Inviting a staff member into a boarding group has also been disabled for users


  • Improved our launcher design.
    • It has a new look
    • It displays a surprise movie at first startup
  • Improvements to our build
    • You no longer need Panda3D installed alongside our client

Known issues:

(We wish this was brief!)

  • To see an online friend they must show up in the same location as you once during your session.

February 25, 2016 [TTW-Pre-Alpha-]

This is a maintenance patch

We hope to address some quick issues:

  • Tweak some administration back-ends.
  • Tweaked a collision for the Catalog Phone to sort an issue where a phone on a rug could mean you couldn't use the phone.
  • Allow fellow Toons to delete SOS Cards!

ttw-screenshot-Tue-Feb-23-14-13-30-2016-4464 (2).jpg

  • Fixed an issue where swimming in water and teleporting away would make the swimming audio loop - your book is now hidden/disabled in water and audio should not loop when out of water.
  • Tweaks to banning system.
  • Made some backend changes to the VP boss.
  • Improved the Gag Menu asset to have consistent spacing.
  • Fixed some issues with the Holiday system.
  • Fixed some issues with Fireworks.
  • Fixed some issues with some backend systems.
  • Added back Disney's Toon Hall.
  • Increased some timeouts to give slower clients a chance to catch up.
  • Made a change to the VP to balance cheaters.
  • Added an authentication dialog box when logging into Toontown.
  • Added two additional layers of client and server-sided security. (On top of:
  • Toontown is getting sillier; animated fish are back!
  • By request, you can now sell fish at your Estate.

Updating your launcher

If you have previously installed our launcher recently you will need to ask for a new client installer - automatic upgrade is not possible.

February 16, 2016 [TTW-Pre-Alpha-]

This is a maintenance patch

We hope to address some quick issues:

  • Backend edits

February 14, 2016 [TTW-Pre-Alpha-]

This is a maintenance patch

We hope to address some quick issues:

  • Street optimization.
  • Cleanup some old code left lying around.
  • The launcher requires an update - it now self-updates game content automatically.

February 13, 2016 [TTW-Pre-Alpha-]

This is a maintenance patch

We hope to address some quick issues:

  • Fix holiday notifications.
  • Optimize street loading to be faster regarding an issue with props.
  • Tweak some administration tools.
  • Fix fish bingo times - it's now on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
  • Add some GUI buttons to launcher.
  • Make the launcher close upon starting the game.

February 12, 2016 [TTW-Pre-Alpha-]

This is a maintenance patch

We hope to address some quick issues:

  • Fixed a long standing bug since our 1.0.0 version where inputted text whispers wouldn't work - (Toons now receive your whispers).

  • Animation Props! Hydrants, Mailboxes, Bins are all animated. Follow THIS story to learn more about this silly Toontown discovery!

  • Improve internal configuration setup.

  • TTC Teleport task is now straight after Toontorial.

  • The CEO has recalled his Bossbot Cogs in the BBHQ. Hooray!

  • Picking up Treasures crash.

  • Fixed a crash in the Vine minigame.

  • Fixed an issue where treasures would "hug" you as you collected them.

  • Fixed a bug with toons not maxing their suits correctly.

  • Add a fix for Battle SOS. (Toons never received the SOS asking for help!)

  • Add an additional Unite for staff

  • DA: Make Cogs hide properly on the Laser Field. (Notes: Laser Cogs are not hidden in the laser games properly. It was not possible to complete the "Match 3 in a row" laser game.)

  • Cogs polished up their M&S Field Office's and they flicker less.

  • Added some new Cheesy Effects - Tiny Toon and Giant Toon (staff only).

  • Tweaked some administration tools.

  • Toontown Holiday's have been re-written (no pun intended) to allow us to maintain it easier.

  • Toontown Holiday's now has scheduled fireworks working.

  • Toontown Holiday's now include Fish Bingo on Saturday and Sunday (only).

  • Tweaks to VP's Cutscene to be more dramatic!

February 4, 2016 [TTW-Pre-Alpha-]

This is a maintenance patch

We hope to address some quick issues:

  • Fix some typos with Toonfest NPCs
  • Enable experimental preloading
  • Optimize backend to properly close connections
  • Fix a bug related to minigames

February 1, 2016 [TTW-Pre-Alpha-]

This is a maintenance patch

We hope to address some quick issues:

  • Add logging of chat messages to make Toontown World a safer place!
  • Fix server crashes when attempting some minigames!
  • Add new means of staff communication!

January 30, 2016 [TTW-Pre-Alpha-v2.5.2.1]

This is a maintenance patch

We hope to address some quick issues:

  • Rolled back our chat bubble modernisation. Would require significant re-coding. Chats no longer get caught far right.
  • Attempt a fix for Tutorial skipping

January 28, 2016 [TTW-Pre-Alpha-v2.5.2]

Please welcome 2.5.2 with X2 XP from defeated Cogs. We believe this release fixes all the tedious core instability issues created in 2.5.0 (we're sorry!)

This is a maintenance release. It contains a complete change log of changes made to Toontown World Online. It also includes patches from maintenance patches.

Maintenance releases contains new features, changes, improvements, tweaks, fixes and performance improvements.

Note from developers:

Please update Main Game Data and Phase Files

We were very excited about version 2.5.0 - but some underlying changes had caused core instabilities so we decided to roll some things back that aren't quite ready so we can continue to improve core gameplay.


  • Hourly fireworks on holiday's! Fireworks will play in every playground (Flippy setup an operation with Resistance Rangers to put up firework stands at Cog HQs without them knowing)!

  • Added back Toonfest grounds. Go and see Flippy and his unusual friend, ‘Fluffy’ (I hope I got that right – that’s just what I’ve been told).

  • Double XP Global XP Booster has been activated! Get DOUBLE XP from defeated Cogs, better hurry – it won’t last long!

  • Welcome Buddy in ToonFest Grounds. He's been dopey in meetings, his duties include working at ToonFest.

  • Added some tweaks to some holiday events that will be used at appropriate times and dates.

  • The Cogs are boring us even more! With some new phrases!

  • Fireworks have been added into Parties, however, Parties are not enabled in this release.

  • Holiday Manager! Good tidings, Toontown will now have holiday seasons! Check the calendar!


  • Trunk addition is back! But you'll have to wait for a maintenance patch before it can hold all of your accessories!

  • Toon Resistance Lord Lowden Clear has had talks with Toon HQ, who is looped in Toon Council about a new threat. Strange buildings have been referenced in intercepted messages from Cogs. Looks like the Resistance Rangers will need to go out and investigate this matter.



  • Implemented an experimental District crashing mechanism - unruly Toons will be punished.

  • Modernized Chat Thought Bubbles to give an elastic effect.

  • Removed WASD support.

  • Removed Toontown Library.

  • Removed blockades to pet shops (Doodles ran away and we can't find them!)

  • Added a SpeedChat phrase that says "This will be as painful as Toontown Online closing".

  • Upon being away too long you'll get: "Your Toon got tired and went to bed.”

  • Disabled Parties. (Don't worry, we plan on bringing them back!)

  • Updated some disconnection messages to provide a better explanation.

  • Disabled Toontorial.

  • Removed group merging feature.

  • Removed pop-up notification click away feature.

  • Removed nametag and text scaling for long distances.

  • The VP, CJ, CFO and CEO have grown tired of Toons constantly attacking them. They decided the best tactic is to bore you to death by taunting you as you fight them.

  • Staff are now even more recognizable with a badge under their name.

  • Removed our new loading system - core game changes that were made disrupted object placement and code logic. Before 2.5.0 the code wasn't compiled, so being compiled now should help with performance.

  • Changed a system service so that if it crashes it will then automatically attempt to restart so that players can talk and login without issues that would previously arise.

  • Tweaked disconnection related messages to outline error codes and that sending them to support is a possibility if you need assistance.

  • Fixed a few grammatical issues with Toon TIPS.

  • Update model quality factors to show higher resolution for Toons at a further distance.

  • Cleanup of some administration backend systems.

  • Tidy away a few things to prepare for up-coming events.

  • MAPS will be disabled inside Cog Buildings


  • Fixed a major issue where Cogs would disappear when you fought them at a Cog HQ. Streets remained unaffected.

  • Fixed an issue where SOME Cog Building elevators were missing. Oh dear!

  • Fixed an issue where Toon's Panel did not show Last Seen time properly.

  • Fixed issues with Catalog delivery times! Items now arrive as they should.

  • Finally fixed the Gag page in your book to show your Merits correctly!

  • The Cogs fixed a hardware glitch! Utterly relentless! 2.0 Cogs no longer crash your client.

  • Fixed an issue where some Cog buildings and Toon buildings in MML and Donald's Dock had some graphical problems.

  • Cogs fixed an issue with their building management strategies and spawn properly!

  • Fixed Coderedemption system, codes now work. Try the following code for a little bonus!


  • Fix a Code Redemption bug, where any valid/invalid code typed in, said my Mailbox is full when it was not.

  • Fixed continual disconnection when players send SpeedChat phrase to friend!

  • Fixed the old Toontown Online's Knockback bug with lured Cogs!

  • Cog HP now properly updates on knockback.

  • Fixed a bug where you could run into cog bosses when stunned.

  • Implement a fix for SpeedChat, where it would take several seconds to load the SpeedChat menu/phrases!

  • Implemented a fix for doors, signs, buildings where they would fade and flicker! No more! We're rounding up more of these little annoyances to bring you a better experience. Extra credit to Daviddave.

  • The Geyser in the OZ no longer crashes you. However, you cannot be lifted up into the air for safety reasons!

  • Loony Labs fixed an issue with their radar system so now you can view MAPS properly when on ToonTasks to assist you around Toontown!

  • Fix a client crash for minigame quest(s).

  • Fixed Fish Bingo!

  • Golfing now works! Tee off's anyone?

  • The Speed Gag Buff now actually increases your Toon's walking speed dramatically throughout Toony locations, apart from inside Factories, HQ bosses and inside buildings.

  • Fixed fireworks!

    • Fixed a firework crash in Toontown Central Playground!

  • SpeedChat phrases no longer have to arrive in your mailbox, once purchased you can use them right away!

  • Fixed Mint rooms, the Dollar Mint had an issue where there were invisible barriers and you couldn’t easily get past them to get through the Mint.

  • Implement a fix for camera angles for the CFO boss.

  • Implement a fix for a rare crash when Cogs fly-in and land.


  • Implemented a system-wide change of a particular function that was going depreciated and bogging down memory. We'd say that loading generally is at least 2 times faster and less memory is consumed by having the game client open for long periods.


  • Implement a new layer of additional security that is cross-referenced from server to client.
  • Our 2.5.0 launcher now supports our new login system! Only approved testers will be given an account to login to so they can access the game.

Known problems:

  • You can sometimes crash when you exit your Estate. A workaround is to go inside your House and teleport away instead of being outside and in your Estate.

  • Chat bubbles can sometimes appear to far right - temporary solution is to face the direction of the talker.

  • Clarabelle's Catalog phone animation doesn't always play.

April 12, 2015 [TTW-Pre-Alpha-v2.5.1]

This is a maintenance release.

  • Added W.A.S.D support.
  • Added more to the Toontown Central Library.
  • Fixed and added Party Cannons and Party Dance Floor. (experimental)
  • Disabled Fireworks in Parties.
  • Disabled Trampolines in Parties.
  • Toon HQ improved the effectiveness of Gag Accuracy Gag Buffs by 0.5 %!
  • Fixed camera angle for tall Cogs.
  • Enhanced the nametag scaling at long distances.
  • Added a higher definition model for the Battle Gag GUI.
  • Tweaked nametags so they aren't so large on screen.
  • Disabled the Dance Game, with Minnie permanently because it contains copyrighted material.
  • Changed number of allowed Toons in a party from 40 to 20.
  • Lowered cost of parties from 100 Jellybeans to 50.
  • Removed PartyTugOfWar from Parties.
  • Updated some administration functions.
  • Added some words to the white-list
  • Fixed a crash with Parties
  • Removed Trunk CODE from REDEMPTION
  • Fixed a misc crash with staff commands
  • Depreciated some functions to keep up some standards.
  • Optimize a small function in Parties.
  • Fixed a crash with Parties that stopped Toons from talking and logging on. (Sorry for those who experienced that!)
  • Fixed a service crash related to Parties.
  • Fixed a crash when you went into Toon Hall - stopped people from completing Gag Training.
  • Fixed an issue where you could miss hitting the Flunky at Toontorial.
  • Fixed a wardrobe crash when you finished using it.
  • Fixed a service crash related to Parties.
  • Addressed an issue where online friends wouldn't appear.
  • Fixed a bug where clicking the True Friend button would crash your client.
  • Fixed audio issues.
  • Fixed some miscellaneous crashes.
  • Fixed an issue with audio in the Cashbot HQ.
  • Fixed an URGENT crash related to Ride the Trolley ToonTask. It resulted in a crash when a Toon tried to complete a minigame. It prevented Toons from finishing the task.
  • Attempted to fix an issue where players would crash if the District crashed and the client was expecting a variable.
  • Fixed a miscellaneous crash related to CheesyEffects.
  • Fixed a new crash when you tried using the Catalog.
  • Fixed Mole Hill so you can actually stomp them.
  • Fixed a District crash when trying to delete wallpaper from your Attic.
  • Fixed a crash that happened sometimes when you pressed the HOME KEY.
  • Fixed a crash when exiting a building in Lullaby Lane in Donald's Dream Land.
  • Fixed an issue where accessories disappeared.
  • Fixed multiple Cog nametag crashes when you clicked on a Cog. (They're changing tactics again!)
  • The CEO, VP, CJ, and CFO have returned from their 1 month holiday and are back in Cog Business! Gags anyone?

March 22, 2015 [TTW-Pre-Alpha-v2.5.0]

This is a maintenance release.

  • Trunks now arrive and can be placed in your house once moved from your Attic - after purchasing!
  • Tutorial is now available for new Toons!
  • You now can click away pop-up notifications.
  • Implemented an early version of Parties - use at own risk!
    • Stay off the trampolines! They're not ready. We're serious!
  • Implemented a launcher/patcher system. It is now easier to update your client!
  • Prerequisites to install:
    Panda3D-1.9.0 - custom:
    Windows: Download and install
    Mac: Download and install
Look at our launcher! More updates on it soon!
  • Our source code we give clients is now encrypted, Toontown World is now a little safer from people who want to reverse-engineer our client code to connect to our game.
  • Our graphical assets are compressed saving space, if you are more of an advanced user you can compile them - we don't want people breaking their client and blaming us if they start tinkering.
  • X2 XP booster has been activated.
  • Improved nametags so Toons' nametags can be seen more easily at greater distances.
  • Improved the color of Cog nametags to help distinguish them more easily.
  • Added blockades to Pet Shops. :(
  • Wonky Ville and Toontastic Place (Toontastic Place being our oldest District) will now start as default.
  • The 2.0.4 extra Laff boost has been disabled because tutorial is now working.
  • Improved our loading system - loading areas should be noticeably faster.
  • Improved District startup time. This helps start up the game faster.
  • Improved Toon spawning - less lag when Toons load into areas with other Toons!
  • SpeedChat is now a little faster when clicking on it.
  • The Cogs fixed their version 2.0! Toontown no longer crashes if you overkill Cogs! - Toon HQ says there are bound to be more V.2.0 Cogs invading Toontown and Districts.
  • Fixed a crash when you went to your Estate!
  • Fixed a crash when two people used the Catalog phone.
  • Fixed a crash when you used someone else's Catalog phone.
  • Fixed an issue where Cogs didn't open the V.P doors as they walked through them.
  • The Cogs at the Bossbot HQ seems to have settled down and improved their patrols!
  • Improved Street teleporting. You should find that teleporting to a friend on Streets more stable and won't be bounced back to the Playground as often.
Known problems:
  • Phone Animation doesn't always play.
  • Cogs can disappear when you fight a Cog at a Cog HQ. Streets remain unaffected.
    • The temporary fix: leave the area and return after 1 minute.
  • Toon Details panel does not show friend's last seen login time properly.
  • Some Cog buildings and Toon buildings in MML and Donald's Dock have some graphical problems.
  • The Cog Nation box in the Dollar Mint cannot be pushed.
  • SOME Cog Building elevators are missing. Thank goodness!
  • Killing a 2.0 Cog with two different Gags with another Toon can cause a crash.
  • You can miss when trying to hit the Flunky in Toontorial.

March 8, 2015 [TTW-Pre-Alpha-v2.4.9]

This is a maintenance release.

  • Tweaked loading screen to help with fullscreen users viewing.
  • Updated Blacklist.
  • Updated some administration functions.
  • Sorted out some annoying spelling mistakes in quests and general game-play.
  • The Cogs improved themselves, they now spawn more efficiently.
  • Mingler' does less damage.
  • Mr. Hollywood now does 24 damage with his Power Trip‏ attack!
  • The CEO's health has been downgraded, his attacks stronger, watch out!
  • High end Bossbots now have the Power Trip attack!
  • The Big Cheese does 30 damage watch out!
  • Looney Labs put in a crude joke - Clarabelle removed it from her Cattlelog.
  • Tweaked Population Limit for Districts.
  • Improved Speed Hacking detection.
  • You now get two SOS cards after defeating the V.P.
  • Fixed a crash with Golfing.
  • Fixed an issue with Golfing that meant you'd get stuck after the first round.
  • Fixed an issue with elevators where elevators would close right away when it was full.
  • Fixed multiple District crashes.
  • Fixed an issue with Tug-Of-War which resulted in a crash.
  • Fixed an issue where Lullaby Lane and Streets in Donald's Dreamland could cause a crash.
  • Fixed a crash when you went to your Estate!
  • Fixed a crash that rarely happened when you exited Toontown!
  • Fixed an issue with the Blacklist.
  • Fixed the Catalog Hangup Button - it sometimes disappeared.
  • Fixed some crashes related to Catalog purchasing and order arrivals.
  • Fixed an issue with the Ice Game.
  • Fixed a crash with Kart Racing.
  • Fixed a client and District crash related to buying optional colored furniture.
Known problems:
  • Trunk arrives in mailbox but it does not go into your House.
  • Phone Animation doesn't always play.
What's to come?

Trunk for your accessories and Tutorial!

February 22, 2015 [TTW-Pre-Alpha-v2.0.4.5]

This is a maintenance release following up from 2.0.4.


  • Cogs spotted at the Bossbot HQ! They are roaming around! Be weary.
  • Updated some words in our whitelist!
  • Implemented our rolled back group merging feature

  • Updated our server engine component to help further improve game stability and performance.

  • Fixed a glitch that allowed Toons to be ghosts outside of their estates when they finished editing their House.

Known problems:
  • Trunk arrives in mailbox but it does not go into your House.
  • Phone Animation doesn't always play.

February 12, 2015 [TTW-Pre-Alpha-v2.0.4]

This is a maintenance release.

  • Implemented color quests for Toons - you can now change your Toon color and glove color through ToonTasks!
    • New Colors:
      • Icy Blue
      • Mountain Green
      • Honey Mustard
      • Gray
      • Charcoal
      • Sapphire
      • Desert Sand
      • Hot Pink
      • Neon Orange
      • Mint
  • A new sound plays when you get a promotion.
  • You can now see merits when you press the home key.
  • Gag buffs! Complete ToonTasks to get Movement Speed increases and Gag Accuracy!
  • Implemented word filter.
  • Tweaked Administration functions.
  • Changed some text
  • Tweaked the Fishing Pond-O-Matic to make some fish less rare.
  • Tweaked an admin function for DNA.
  • Cleaned out some rubbish that was left around. Oops!
  • Made golf easier by lowering targets.
  • Toons get 16 Laff points when they start since Tutorial is disabled for now.
  • Added some new words to the whitelist.
  • Fixed an issue with our loading screen. No more SOS cards or the yellow background.
  • Fix some crashes related to our word filter.
  • Implemented a quest hack fix so Toons can't speed ahead.
  • Fixed a crash when teleporting to someone on Punchline Place.
  • Banks NOW have 50,000 JellyBean cap, oops!
  • Fixed a crash relating to Cog Disguises.
  • Fixed word filter.
  • Fixed some DA office crashes
  • Fixed some CEO crashes
  • Made the CEO a little bit less laggy... more to come...
  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash when multiple people went through a tunnel onto a Street! (fingers crossed).
  • The moon is no longer upside-down.
  • Fixed boarding groups - our planned feature has been rolled back.
Known problems:
  • Trunk arrives in mailbox but it does not go into your House.
  • Phone Animation doesn't always play.

February 7, 2015 [TTW-Pre-Alpha-v2.0.3]

This is a maintenance release.

  • Now displaying TIPS on loading screens.
  • You can now hold 50,000 jellybeans.
  • Laff limit is now 156 for future updates.
  • Promotions:
    • Changed the Merits algorithm. Each level requires much less Merits.
    • Lowered the level cap from 50 to 12 to support future updates.
    • Lowered the Cog part counts on each suit to 10.
    • Now you can collect Cashbot parts in Mints, Lawbot parts in DA Offices, and Bossbot parts in the Cog Golf Courses.
    • Added the "prestige" system.
    • Changed plenty of the dialogue for the Cog bosses so that they explain how to promote.
    • Changed the display on the RewardPanel for collected merits.
    • A penalty for losing a Cog boss has been added: When you die, you lose either one or two pieces.
  • The big cheese now has a new move! Evil eye.
  • Legal Eagle attacks are stronger!
  • You now get teleport access to Toontown Central when you start.
  • Nerfed those horrible Toontasks such as defeat 400 2 story buildings.
  • Tweaked System Messages.
  • Fixed a District Crash related to Cashbot HQ.
  • Fixed a crash relating to Picnic Tables.
  • Fixed a crash when teleporting to a friend on Loopy Lane.
  • Fixed a crash when teleporting to a friend when they are near an elevator.

  • Updated our loading screen - the Toontown loading screen is now Toontown Online's so you can relive Toontown.
  • Flippy fixed the Toontown World Logo! (special thanks to Toon named Midnight)
  • Now displaying TIPS on loading screens
  • The new TTC Street Fighting Music Track is now here!
Known problems:

  • Trunk arrives in mailbox but it does not go into your House
  • Phone Animation doesn't always play

February 3, 2015 [TTW-Pre-Alpha-v2.0.2]

This is a maintenance release.

  • Pairing game is now set to have it so that the harder game is shorter and easier is now longer
  • Changed Animation SpeedChat tab to Emotions
  • You can now get double merits without invasion in Cog facilities
  • Fixed a crash when you teleport to someone near an elevator
  • Fixed a crash when entering the Cashbot HQ.
  • Fixed a crash when entering the Bossbot HQ courses
  • Fixed a DNA issue
  • Added some fine-tuning administration functions

  • We are now using JSON for backup files to improve read/write speed
  • Cleaned up some junk
Known issues:
  • Trunks do not get delivered to your house
  • Phone animation for the cattlelog plays and then sometimes (most of the time) doesn't

January 23, 2015 [TTW-Pre-Alpha-v2.0.1]

  • This is a maintenance release:
  • The Cogs hired a door mechanic! The VP is open and making sales! Stop him!
  • Adding an event
  • Added an event that is NOT yet available for the public to see
  • Added maintenance protocols
  • Tutorial Tom now welcomes you instead of being rude and saying come here
  • Updated disconnection message when your Toon goes to sleep
    Performance Improvements:
  • Improved code to make Cog Suit Paths more efficient when being calculated
    Bug fixes:
  • Started working on the loading logo for Toontown World Online. Flippy didn't quite get the colours right!
  • Fixed a DA Office Elevator crash and addressed a new boarding group crash
  • Fixed some backend issues
  • Improved server stability in case the host has problems - it can now be easily recovered
  • Fixed a NEWLY formed bug when you went to your estate - District no longer crashes
  • Fixed the Phone animation - it now plays!
  • Fixed a client issue with our new NPC Buddy showing up in Donald's Dock
  • Fixed a bug where some clients had darkened areas

January 5, 2015 [TTW-Pre-Alpha-v2.0.0]

  • This is a maintenance release:
    Toons. We announced 2.0.0 to our moderators, but we've now announced it to approved testers.
  • Features:
  • Added new Toontown Central Street IDLE Music
    What's to come?
  • Updated Toontown Central Street fighting Music

November 5, 2014 [TTW-Pre-Alpha-v1.0.2]

  • This is a maintenance release:
    Flippy noticed that Cogs were behaving in an unusual manner on Walrus Way Street, so he tweaked the Silly Meter to change gravitational shifts to stop Cogs from being drawn to a particular area on the Street.
  • Fixed Cogs behavior: a bug where cogs would gather at Walrus Way Street in The Brrrgh.

November 28, 2014 [TTW-Pre-Alpha-v1.0.1]

  • This is a maintenance release: Changes:
  • Made a small change to administrator functions relating to Battles (VP)

November 7, 2014 [TTW-Pre-Alpha-v1.0.0]

  • This is a maintenance release: Changes:
  • Disabled Classic Characters (Mickey, Daisy, Donald Duck, Goofy, etc) since talking to them would crash the District it happened in.
  • Cleared some service components

July 11, 2013 [sv1.0.47.32]

  • New "Toon-ups" to Cog battles means Reward Screens now display faster.
  • If you're battling Cogs with other Toons, you can now use the new "Skip" button to jump past the other Toons' reward screens to get right to your own rewards.
  • You can also use the "Esc" key on your keyboard to skip through the reward screens.
    • Bust some Cogs, and try out these new Toon-ups today!
    • June 27, 2013 [sv1.0.47.31]

      • Planning and hosting Toon Parties this summer just got easy as pie!
      • From now on, if you never actually start your Party, it will automatically cancel itself in your Toon Calendar 30 minutes after its scheduled start time. Your jellybean refund is then sent to your mailbox at your Toon Estate - without you having to do anything!
      • The Toon Calendar no longer shows past months, just the current calendar month and future months to make your Party planning even easier.
        • Also regular game and stability enhancements, including some holiday maintenance.
        • May 1, 2013 [sv1.0.47.30]

          • This is a maintenance release, including fixes for two upcoming clothing prizes
            • April 11, 2013 [sv1.0.47.29]

              • Toons now run faster!
              • Thanks to the Silly Meter and its kooky effect on Toontown's gravity, Toon Scientists discovered a wacky way for all Toons to zip along at a faster pace from now on.
              • Several new clothing prize items also added.
                • March 22, 2013 [sv1.0.47.28]

                  • This is a Maintenance Release, including a crash fix.

                  February 28, 2013 [sv1.0.47.27]

                  • Various game and stability enhancements.

                  February 15, 2013 [sv1.0.47.26]

                  • This is a Happy ValenToon's Maintenance Release!

                  February 5, 2013 [sv1.0.47.25]

                  • This is a Maintenance Release, including fix for recent disconnection issues.

                  January 30, 2013 [sv1.0.47.25]

                  • Miscellaneous game and stability enhancements.

                  January 18, 2013 [sv1.0.47.24]

                  • Loony Labs release their brand new invention Street MAPS today! Find your wacky way using MAPS to complete your ToonTasks, and see the percentage of Cogs lurking on a particular street. Press down the "Alt" key on your keyboard to open or close the map of the street you're standing in.
                    • Also miscellaneous game and stability enhancements.

                    • Known Issues:

                      • MAPS may not appear after a Toon completes multiple Cog buildings that are two or more floors high in a row. The issue will correct itself after entering a Toon building, or teleporting to a Playground or your Toon Estate.

                      December 27, 2012 [sv1.0.47.22]

                      • Another bug fix for recent disconnection issues.

                      December 24, 2012 [sv1.0.47.21]

                      • Bug fix for recent disconnection issues.

                      December 21, 2012 [sv1.0.47.20]

                      • This is a Maintenance Release.

                      November 2, 2012 [sv1.0.47.19]

                      • This is a Maintenance Release.

                      October 11, 2012 [sv1.0.47.19]

                      • Clarabelle has fixed the price of that batty-expensive new purple shirt in the Cattlelog! The purple bat shirt now costs 250 jellybeans.

                      October 05, 2012 [sv1.0.47.18]

                      • Clarabelle has added some Toontastic new items to the Cattlelog, as well as offering the new SPOOKY shirt for Halloween!
                      • Miscellaneous game and stability enhancements.
                        Known Issues
                      • Goofy got his numbers all mixed up and priced the new purple batty shirt in the new Cattlelog way too high. We recommend waiting and not paying 5,000 jellybeans for this shirt (Toontastic though it is!). Clarabelle will make a price adjustment very soon, stay Tooned!

                      August 10, 2012 [sv1.0.47.17]

                      • Miscellaneous game and stability enhancements

                      March 16, 2012 [sv1.0.47.14]

                      • Routine cleaning and polishing of accessories
                      • Corrected the appearance of some accessories on Toons that have changed their look, such as hats on the pumpkin head, or turning into a green Toon
                      • Toons will notice more Cog Buildings popping up than Field Offices now
                      • Fixed some pesky typos in ToonTask text
                      • Fixed various crashes

                      February 27, 2012 [sv1.0.47.13]

                      • This is a Maintenance Release

                      February 2, 2012 [sv1.0.47.12]

                      • This is a Maintenance Release

                      December 5, 2011 [sv1.0.47.11]

                      • Winter Holiday updates
                      • New Toon name selections in Make-A-Toon
                      • Miscellaneous game and stability enhancements

                      November 8, 2011 [sv1.0.47.10]

                      • Miscellaneous game and stability enhancements

                      October 26, 2011 [sv1.0.47.9]

                      • Toon accessory updates
                      • Miscellaneous game and stability enhancements

                      October 12, 2011 [sv1.0.47.8]

                      • Halloween holiday updates, including two new costumes chosen by Toons: PirateToon and Toonosaurus

                      August 4, 2011 [sv1.0.47.7]

                      • Mailbox messaging has been updated to help prevent the accidental deletion of items
                      • Various Toon accessory updates and bug fixes
                      • Miscellaneous game and stability enhancements

                      July 14, 2011 [sv1.0.47.5]

                      Attention Toons - Clarabelle's Catalog now offers ACCESSORIES!

                      • Accessorize your Toon with tons of new hats, glasses, backpacks, wings and shoes
                      • Accessory Trunks can be purchased via the Cattlelog - and it's a must have to store accessories
                      • Additional fixes for furniture placement and Toon News
                      • More new accessories coming soon
                      • Toons can now turn off incoming whispers from anyone who is not on your Friends List by going to the Options page of your Shticker Book and clicking "Turn Off" for whispers
                      • Use this link to download the Toontown desktop launcher for PC Download or Mac Download

                      May 25, 2011 [sv1.0.46.1]

                      • Miscellaneous game and stability enhancements

                      May 12, 2011 [sv1.0.45.4]

                      • Miscellaneous game and stability enhancements

                      May 11, 2011 [sv1.0.45.3]

                      • Updated gags and Gag Track training. For example:
                      • -The final gag training ToonTask for the third Gag Track is now available for Free players
                      • -The "Choose a Fourth Gag Track" ToonTask should now be blocked for Free players
                      • Doubled the effectiveness of watering gardens
                      • Miscellaneous game and stability enhancements

                      April 8, 2011 [sv1.0.44.4]

                      • Miscellaneous game and stability enhancements

                      March 11, 2011 [sv1.0.44.2]

                      • Miscellaneous game and stability enhancements

                      March 9, 2011 [sv1.0.44.1]

                      • 50 item Closet added to the Cattlelog
                      • New Toon colors added to Create-a-Toon
                      • Sellbot Field Offices bug fixes
                      • Ides of March Holiday updates
                      • April Toons' Week holiday updates

                      February 17, 2011 [sv1.0.43.4]

                      • Sellbot Field Offices have landed!
                      • Sellbot V.P. reward increased to two SOS Toon cards
                      • Photo Fun removed from Trolley Games

                      January 26, 2011 [sv1.0.41.6]

                      • Fixed teleport crash
                      • Removed fixed aspect ratios for windowed display mode
                      • Miscellaneous game and stability enhancements

                      January 12, 2011 [sv1.0.41.5]

                      • Added fixed aspect ratios for windowed display mode
                      • Updated "Toon News... for the Amused!" open/close behavior
                      • ValenToons holiday updates
                      • Miscellaneous game and stability enhancements

                      December 15, 2010 [sv1.0.40.44]

                      • Winter Holiday "Present Catch" game fix
                      • Miscellaneous game enhancements

                      December 8, 2010 [sv1.0.40.43]

                      • Winter Holiday is here
                      • New Cattlelog Items
                      • Street signs updated

                      November 10, 2010 [sv1.0.40.41]

                      • Delete "Just for fun!" ToonTask support
                      • Street signs updated
                      • Toon Trooper hosts
                      • Miscellaneous game and stability enhancements

                      October 20, 2010 [sv1.0.40.40]

                      • Halloween is here
                      • New Cattlelog Items
                      • Miscellaneous game and stability enhancements

                      September 29, 2010 [sv1.0.40.38]

                      • 12,000 Jellybean Bank released
                      • Jellybean Jam event
                      • New Cattlelog Items
                      • Miscellaneous game and stability enhancements

                      September 1, 2010 [sv1.0.40.36]

                      • New "Flappy Cog" Cattlelog specialty item
                      • Miscellaneous game enhancements

                      August 25, 2010 [sv1.0.40.35]

                      • Operation: Storm Sellbot is here
                      • Resistance Ranger hosts
                      • New Cattlelog Items
                      • Miscellaneous game and stability enhancements

                      August 11, 2010 [sv1.0.40.31]

                      • Districts list updated
                      • Miscellaneous game enhancements

                      July 28, 2010 [sv1.0.40.28]

                      • This is a Maintenance Release

                      July 22, 2010 [sv1.0.40.26]

                      • Victory Parties release
                      • New Cog-O-War parties game
                      • Toon Troop hosts
                      • Miscellaneous game enhancements

                      July 14, 2010 [sv1.0.40.22]

                      • Silly Meter sent out for refurbishment
                      • Victory Party signs added to streets
                      • Miscellaneous game and stability enhancements

                      June 17, 2010 [sv1.0.40.20]

                      • This is a Maintenance Release

                      June 14, 2010 [sv1.0.40.18]

                      • Miscellaneous game enhancements

                      June 10, 2010 [sv1.0.40.17]

                      • Code Redemption
                      • New Cattlelog Items
                      • Miscellaneous game and stability enhancements

                      June 2, 2010 [sv1.0.40.15]

                      • Lowered the Silly Meter volume
                      • Fixed a proximity bug with fire hydrant sounds

                      May 26, 2010 [sv1.0.40.12]

                      • Fixed a bug during Lawbot C.J. battle
                      • Miscellaneous game enhancements

                      May 19, 2010 [sv1.0.40.11]

                      • Fixed a bug during Sellbot V.P. battle
                      • Fixed a bug where shadows and Trap gags were not appearing correctly on the floors with oil slicks in Sellbot Factory
                      • Updated Flippy's desk in Toon Hall
                      • Updated dates for Grand Prix Weekend Event

                      May 14, 2010 [sv1.0.40.9]

                      Attention Toons! Toontown is getting sillier! Visit the brand-new Toon Hall to see the Silly Meter, and learn how you can help bring Toontown to life with Silly Surges from the resident Toon Scientists.

                      • New Toon Hall interior
                      • New office for Flippy in Toon Hall
                      • Added Silly Story SpeedChat phrases
                      • Added Silly Surges to Cog battles
                      • Fixed "square" shadow graphics bug

                      May 12, 2010 [sv1.0.40.8]

                      • A new issue of "Toon News... for the Amused!"
                      • Fixed bug which caused Toons' heads to not animate correctly
                      • Miscellaneous stability enhancements

                      May 5, 2010 [sv1.0.40.7]

                      • This is a Maintenance Release and a new issue of "Toon News... for the Amused!"

                      May 2, 2010 [sv1.0.40.6]

                      • This is a Maintenance Release.

                      April 28, 2010 [sv1.0.40.5]

                      • This is a Maintenance Release.

                      April 20, 2010 [sv1.0.40.4]

                      • This is a Maintenance Release.

                      April 19, 2010 [sv1.0.40.3]

                      We have given Toontown a Toon-up with many game system enhancements -- including new decorative mailboxes, trash cans, and fire hydrants for the streets. Additional updates:

                      • Various bug fixes
                      • Updated Toon models
                      • Accepting Friends Requests setting now saved upon logout
                      • Added Party Catch and Tug-o-War to Jellybean Day

                      April 14, 2010 [sv1.0.39.36]

                      • This is a Maintenance Release and a new issue of "Toon News... for the Amused!"

                      April 8, 2010 [sv1.0.39.35]

                      • This is a Maintenance Release and a new issue of "Toon News... for the Amused!"

                      March 31, 2010 [sv1.0.39.34]

                      • It's April Toons' Week -- a holiday built by Toons for Toons! Join us from April 1 through April 7, as we celebrate the wackiest holiday in Toontown!
                      • Toon Estates have gone wackier than usual! It looks like Toon Gravity has been lowered - how high can you go?
                      • Please interact with your pet Doodle at your Estate and see what's really on their mind!
                      • Some Neighborhood Characters have gone for a stroll, try to find each, and be sure to say hello when you do!
                      • This may look like a joke, but they sure seem real to us!

                      March 24, 2010 [sv1.0.39.33]

                      • This is a Maintenance Release and a new issue of "Toon News... for the Amused!"

                      March 18, 2010 [sv1.0.39.32]

                      • This is a Maintenance Release.

                      March 17, 2010 [sv1.0.39.31]

                      • This week's new issue of "Toon News ... for the Amused!" is here! Be sure to check it out!

                      March 10, 2010 [sv1.0.39.30]

                      • This week's new issue of "Toon News ... for the Amused!" is here! Be sure to check it out!

                      March 03, 2010 [sv1.0.39.28]

                      • This week's new issue of "Toon News ... for the Amused!" is here! Be sure to check it out!

                      February 24, 2010 [sv1.0.39.27]

                      • This week's new issue of "Toon News ... for the Amused!" is here! Be sure to check it out!

                      February 18, 2010 [sv1.0.39.26]

                      • This week's new issue of "Toon News ... for the Amused!" is here! Be sure to check it out!

                      February 10, 2010 [sv1.0.39.24]

                      • ValenToon's Day is finally upon us! Be sure to check out all the festivities throughout Toontown!
                      • "Toon News ... for the Amused!" is now available! Simply click on the new "News" button (it's the red button with a typewriter icon) at the top of your screen to read up on all the latest goings-ons in Toontown!

                      January 29, 2010 [sv1.0.39.21]

                        This was a maintenance release in support of Toontown's brand new website!

                      January 24, 2010 [sv1.0.39.19]

                        This was a maintenance release.

                      January 23, 2010 [sv1.0.39.18]

                        This was a maintenance release.

                      January 21, 2010 [sv1.0.39.17]

                        This was a maintenance release.

                      January 04, 2010 [sv1.0.39.14.v2]

                      • Fixed the bug which was causing some Toons to retain their snowman head after the end of the holiday.

                      December 24, 2009 [sv1.0.39.14]

                      • Fixed the snowman head bug which was causing the muzzle to show up after delighted or laugh emotes.

                      December 22, 2009 [sv1.0.39.13]

                      • New Winter Holiday Toon Caroling game play. Visit the six participating shopkeepers, sing them a holiday c arol from your SpeedChat menu and receive a snowman head effect for your Toon.

                      December 9, 2009 [sv1.0.39.9]

                      • Changed Winter chatters.

                      December 8, 2009 [sv1.0.39.8]

                      • Winter Holiday is here -- explore each neighborhood to see all of the Toontastic holiday trees and street lamps!
                      • New Winter Holiday Cattlelog items.
                      • Support for Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

                      November 18, 2009 [sv1.0.39.5]

                      • Enhanced "Ignore" button functionality, so that other requests are properly ignored as well besides emotes and chats. Now Friend Requests and Boarding Group requests will also be ignored.
                      • Changed dates and catalog sale items for Thanksgiving and Winter Holidays.
                      • Properly sized textures for Winter Holiday decoration.

                      November 09, 2009 [sv1.0.39.4.v3]

                      • Fixed the occasional Catalog/Mailbox related AI crash.

                      October 29, 2009 [sv1.0.39.4.v2]

                      Attention Toons! Now you can get your Pumpkin Head back if you lose it after completing any of the "Just for fun" ToonTasks that reward a Toon-changing effect. Just go to any of the participating shopkeepers, use your "Trick or Treat!" SpeedChat phrase, and get your Pumpkin Head back!

                      October 27, 2009 [sv1.0.39.4]

                      • Fix for Pumpkin Head effect.

                      October 21, 2009 [sv1.0.39.3.v2]

                      • Fixed today's occasional AI crashes experienced by some Toons.

                      October 21, 2009 [sv1.0.39.3]

                      Attention Toons! We have changed the Trick-or-Treating locations this year, so talk to each playground host for a clue on which neighborhood shopkeeper is participating (don't forget to use your Trick-or-Treat SpeedChat phrase).
                      • New Trick-or-Treat game play update.
                      • New Halloween Decorations.
                      • Halloween themed clothing.
                      • New Classic Characters in Halloween costumes.

                      September 16, 2009 [sv1.0.38.59]

                      • Fixed bug which was causing crashes when some Toons skipped the tutorial.
                      • Fixed bug which was causing the shuffle-history button not to work quite correctly (it was not recalling the correct history).
                      • Fixed visual bug so that the new clothing GUI looks/works proper in Clothing Store (tailor).
                      • Added rotate button to Make-A-Toon, added new fade in for shuffle-history buttons when the first history shows up.
                      • Fixed bug which allowed typed chat to appear for SpeedChat Plus enabled users during Toontorial (before encountering Flippy for the first time).
                      • Fixed other client related crashes.

                      August 28, 2009 [sv1.0.38.55]

                      • Fixes for Party Catch crashes.

                      August 27, 2009 [sv1.0.38.54]

                      • New "Pick A Toon" and "Make A Toon" experience.
                      • Party Catch attraction added to Parties.
                      • New Party Decorations designed by the "Design a Party Decoration" contest winners.
                      • Mailbox invitations to parties that ended the prior day (or earlier ) will no longer show up.

                      August 12, 2009 [sv1.0.38.50]

                      • Update to enable UK SpeedChat Plus.
                      • Fix for crash when two Toons are playing the Diving game and the second Toon closes the window.

                      July 31, 2009 [sv1.0.38.48]

                      • Fixed a bug that causes a client crash when Toons leave the party as the fireworks are about to end.

                      July 30, 2009 [sv1.0.38.47]

                      • Added Party Fireworks.
                      • Added Party Gate and Pinwheel Decorations.
                      • Fix for rare Party Cannon "stuck" bug.
                      • Party Tug-o-War bug fixes.
                      • Passing all the time (or doing nothing) will not reward merits during a Cog battle.

                      July 22, 2009 [sv1.0.38.44]

                      We have some Party updates and fixes:

                      • New 40 song Jukebox.
                      • New 20 move Dance Floor.
                      • New Party Stage Decoration.
                      • New Party Bow Decoration.
                      • Now mutually exclusive items may not be purchased for the same party.

                      July 17, 2009 [sv1.0.38.42]

                      • Potential fix for Party Tug-o-War crashes.
                      • Now Party jukeboxes and dance floors are grouped together in Party Editor.

                      July 16, 2009 [sv1.0.38.41]

                      We have some new Party updates:

                      • New Tug-of-War Game.
                      • Noise Maker Decoration.
                      • Up to 10 cannons per party.
                      • Up to 8 trampolines per party.

                      July 2, 2009 [sv1.0.38.38]

                      • New Summer Fireworks Show.
                      • 4th of July catalog items available for a limited time.
                      • Catalog resort(least expensive items first).
                      • Toons will not get credit for "passing" in group battles against Cogs.
                      • A sleepy Toon now has an automatic reply capability.

                      May 13, 2009 [sv1.0.38.34]

                      • Added more phrases for Goofy to say in Goofy Speedway.

                      April 22, 2009 [sv1.0.38.33]

                      • In honor of National Jellybean Day, we have doubled Jellybean rewards for playing the Trampoline and Cannons in Parties!
                      • Added various stability enhancements.

                      April 10, 2009 [sv1.0.38.31]

                      • Fixed a bug that causes a server crash when a Boarding Group disbands.
                      • Fixed a bug which could cause Toons to become stuck in a Cannon.

                      April 02, 2009 [sv1.0.38.26]

                      • Made some changes to April Toons' Week Doodle speak so the "tired" response makes more sense, and "confused" no longer uses a phrase it is once again a question mark icon. Thanks to all the Toons who gave us valueable feedback on these changes!
                      • Fixed Party Trampoline bug which could cause a Toon to become stuck in mid air.

                      April 01, 2009 [sv1.0.38.25]

                      Hey Toons, a few wacky things seem to be happening!
                      • Toon Estates have gone wackier than usual! It looks like Toon Gravity has been lowered - how high can you go?
                      • Please interact with your pet Doodle at your Estate and see what's really on their mind!
                      • Some Neighborhood Characters have gone for a stroll, try to find each, and be sure to say hello when you do!
                      Plus some other surprises. This may look like a joke, but they sure seem real to us! Which can only mean one thing -- it's April Toons' Week! *** Bug Fixes ***
                      • Fixed bug with Party Cannons which had been causing some Toons to become "stuck" in the ground instead of firing normally. Now, when the timer in the upper right corner runs out, instead of auto-firing out of the Cannon your Toon will exit out of the Cannon normally.
                      • Fixed crash bug which sometimes occur while playing with the Party Trampoline.

                      March 28, 2009 [sv1.0.38.22]

                      • Fixed some Parties related crash bugs. Parties should be more stable now!
                      • Fixed issue where if a Toon in a Party Cannon disconnected his or her Toon head would be "stuck" in the Cannon. This was only a graphics glitch and should not have prevented other Toons from using the Cannon.
                      *** KNOWN ISSUES ***
                      • There is a chance your Toon may become stuck in the jump pose on the Trampoline if you press the Ctrl key before the game begins. If you wait for the upper right corner clock to start counting down before jumping you can avoid this problem.
                      • A rare occurrence with the Parties Cannons may cause your Toon to appear to be both inside the Cannon and outside at the same time. Just wait until the timer counts to zero or press the Ctrl key and the Cannon will fire as normal.

                      March 27, 2009 [sv1.0.38.21]

                      • Fixed bug which caused Toons to jump impossible heights on the Party trampoline.
                      • Fixed bug which allowed a Toon to teleport to another Toon who's at a Party that's about to end.
                      • Fixed problem which caused some Toons' scheduled parties to not start correctly.
                      • Fixed crash which can occur during Party planning.
                      • Party privacy setting (public or private) can no longer be changed after a party has started.

                      March 26, 2009 [sv1.0.38.20]

                      Toon Parties

                      The Toon Council is super-excited to announce the release of Toon Parties - where players can have parties filled with crazy activities and wacky decorations with up to 20 Toons!

                      Here's what's new:

                      Toon Parties - Have a party with your Toon friends, or make new friends in a public party! Try your best Toon-moves on the Dance Floor, have a blasting good time with party Cannons, or see how high you can jump on a Trampoline! Even earn JellyBeans while having a great time with your friends. At this time, only Members can host a Toon Party, but all Toons -- Members and Free players -- can attend a party. The initial cost to create a party is 100 JellyBeans. There are many activities and decorations available to rent, so you can plan the perfect Toon Party.

                      Party Gates - Visit any neighborhood Party Gate, and walk right up to the stairs to see what public parties are happening, or talk to a Party Planner to create your own party.

                      Toontown Time - Toontown now has an in-game clock set to Pacific Time. Clocks are located at each Party Gate, and in your Shticker Book. Now you can easily coordinate your parties and other fun activities with your friends!

                      New Shticker Book Events Page - The Shticker Book has a new Events page, noted with a party hat icon, which is where all of your party information is located. Keep up-to-date on all of the fun with your Toon Calendar, and all of your parties with the Hosting and Invitations tabs. The Events page has three sections.

                      • Calendar Tab - The Toon Calendar lists all weekly events, Toon holidays, and any parties that you are attending or are hosting. You can use the filter in the upper-right corner to change what the Calendar will display.
                      • Hosting Tab - The Hosting tab show your next party by date, guests, activities, and decorations. You can also switch your party from private to public here. This is where you go to start your party, or cancel it provided the party hasn't already started.
                      • Invitations Tab - The Invitations tab lists all parties where you have accepted invitations along with each party's activities.

                      Party Invitations - Party invitations are received through your Estate mailbox. When you receive an invitation you have three options: You can accept the invitation, decline the invitation, or choose to respond later by simply closing the invitation and leaving it in your mailbox. The host will be notified of your response once you have made your choice to either accept or decline the invitation.

                      March 19, 2009 [sv1.0.38.16]

                      This was a maintenance release.

                      March 18, 2009 [sv1.0.38.15]

                      This was a maintenance release.

                      March 17, 2009 [sv1.0.38.14]

                      Boarding Groups Released

                      The Toon Council is pleased to announce our latest addition to Toontown -- Boarding Groups! Players can use this feature to group with other Toons for boarding Cog HQ elevators/karts and Boss Battle elevators. A minimum of two Toons are required to form a Boarding Group, and players can create a group of up to either four or eight Toons to enter a Cog HQ elevator together.

                      While in a Cog HQ Lobby, create a Boarding Group by selecting a Toon and clicking the Invite button at the bottom of their detail panel. The first player to send an invitation that is accepted is designated as that group's leader. Any group member can invite others, however only the leader can remove Toons from the group. Any Toons removed by the leader can only rejoin the same boarding group if the group leader invites this Toon back.

                      Once the group is created, the Boarding Group panel will become available on the left side of the screen, which displays each Toons' status. When the group is ready, only the leader can launch the Boarding Group by pressing the "GO" button at the bottom of the Boarding Group panel, and all Toons in the group will board together. Similarly a Boarding Group leader can walk into an elevator and all members will automatically board at the same time, provided the elevator has enough empty slots for the entire boarding group. Upon their arrival in the Cog HQ, the Boarding Group panel will disappear as the group has entered the HQ.

                      Please note: When you are part of a Boarding Group, you can not use the "Go To" button to teleport to another Toon. You also cannot leave the boarding area via Teleport or walking through doors, and cannot board an elevator yourself, so long as you remain a member of a Boarding Group. If you need to leave the boarding area, simply click on the "Leave" button on the Boarding Group panel first.

                      Currently, the following Cog HQ Elevators offer Boarding Groups:

                      • Sellbot HQ
                        • Sellbot Boss Battle Elevator
                        • Front Entrance Elevator
                        • Back Entrance Elevator
                      • Cashbot HQ
                        • Coin Mint Elevator
                        • Dollar Mint Elevator
                        • Bullion Mine Elevator
                        • C.F.O. Battle Elevator
                      • Lawbot HQ
                        • Lawbot A Office
                        • Lawbot B Office
                        • Lawbot C Office
                        • Lawbot D Office
                        • Chief Justice Battle Elevator
                      • Bossbot HQ
                        • Front Three Golf Kart
                        • Middle Six Golf Kart
                        • Back Nine Golf Kart
                        • C.E.O. Battle Elevator

                      February 24, 2009 [sv1.0.37.12]

                      This was a maintenance release.

                      February 5, 2009 [sv1.0.37.11]

                      This was a maintenance release.

                      January 7, 2009 [sv1.0.37.10]

                      Toons now have a way to turn Type Chat sounds on/off via a new option in the Shticker Book's "Options" tab. Type Chat speech sounds are defaulted to "on", so when you type chat now you will hear your own Toon and other Toons' meows and growls! If you switch Type Chat sounds to "off", you will no longer hear your own Toon nor other Toons.

                      SpeedChat phrases will continue to have sounds and is unaffected by this new feature.

                      December 29, 2008 [sv1.0.37.7]

                      • Fixed an issue where the chat buttons could disappear from the game window in some circumstances.
                      • Fixed a bug where a Free Player Toon who clicks on the Whisper Panel's blue Type Chat button will bring up the Features Panel instead of the Whisper Type Chat box.
                      • Fixed thought bubbles so they will not disappear on their own.

                      December 19, 2008 [sv1.0.37.5]

                      • SpeedChat Plus
                        Players have asked for more ways to chat in-game, and we've listened! The Toon Council is proud to announce our latest addition to Toontown: SpeedChat Plus!
                      • SpeedChat Plus is a form of type chat that allows users to communicate by using the Disney SpeedChat Plus dictionary. Words that are not in the dictionary will be highlighted in red. You then have the opportunity to choose alternative words prior to sending your message. Now you can really express yourself in Toontown like never before! Check the New section for details on this exciting new feature.
                      • Winter Holiday Decorations
                        Toons are having a jolly Winter Holiday as Toontown receives a seasonal Toon-up this year with brand-new decorations. Explore each neighborhood to see all of the Toontastic holiday trees and street lamps.
                      • Winter Holiday Items
                        Check out Clarabelle's Cattlelog for some brand-new holiday items -- including complete winter outfits, fireplaces to keep Toons toasty, and a bevy of Winter Holiday Estate decorations--including an interior wreath, seasonal moldings, and a Winter Tree to top it all off.
                      • Plus, there is a very special Estate snowman gardening statue for Toons to enjoy, which requires a gardening shovel skill of one point to plant. So be sure to get one...before he melts away!

                      December 4, 2008 [sv1.0.36.10.v2]

                      This was a maintenance release.

                      November 13, 2008 [sv1.0.36.10]

                      • Improved the look of the ToonHQ exterior in Donald's Dock playground and streets.

                      November 03, 2008 [sv1.0.36.9]

                      • This was a maintenance release.

                      October 30, 2008 [sv1.0.36.8]

                      • This was a maintenance release.

                      October 29, 2008 [sv1.0.36.7]

                      Added Halloween decorations to Toontown. Be sure to check out Mickey's spooky surprise when it gets dark!

                      October 22, 2008 [sv1.0.36.5]

                      • Fixed crash bug which occurs when a player who has not finished downloading all of Toontown clicks on another Toon to bring up the Toon Panel.
                      • Fixed crash that happens when a player with the Limited True Friends setting enters a True Friend code without the "TT" prefix.
                      • Players playing with the ActiveX client (login via website and not the Launcher) will now be correctly asked for their password when trying to delete a Toon.

                      October 16, 2008 [sv1.0.36.4]

                      This was a maintenance release.

                      September 25, 2008 [sv1.0.36.3]

                      Attention Toons! The Toon Council is thrilled to announce that the top three Toon-designed furniture items are now ready for Toons to enjoy. These Toontastic new items are available for purchase starting with your next Cattlelog! Other Changes
                      • Fixed the missing jellybeans in the flower planting GUI.
                      • Fixed server crash due to bug with interior elevators.
                      • Fixed crash when a Stomper stomps a toon with one laff.
                      • Fixed bug which caused the Maze Game in Bossbot HQ to end even though the clock shows there is time left.