We thank-you for your interest in wanting to play Toontown World Online. We're in a Pre-Alpha state.

We at Toontown World Online are opening up registration to the general public through a key!

This key has a limited number of uses and once it's all used up the key cannot be used anymore until it is reset or a new one is issued.



Download the launcher:

http://www.toontownworldonline.com/install/windows/Toontown World Online.msi

Register here:


And get set to test our Pre-Alpha game!

If you'd like a spot please email: [email protected]
Alternaitvely you can use our online application form to apply to become a tester, moderator or be part of our graphics team. Click here

Do you have programming experience? Moderation experience? If you'd like to help make an amazing game, please contact us using the email or application form above and we'll discuss your application.