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Code of Conduct (CoC)

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Toontown World Online Game Rules

(See Player Code of Conduct (CoC) for more information.)


The following is a simple set of rules that players must consider when interacting in Toontown World Online. Failure to comply with these rules may result in actions taken against your account.


Not knowing the rules is no excuse. Players are the masters of their behaviour and the image they give of themselves in the game. Furthermore, you are responsible for everything that happens on your account, and you cannot justify this excuse if you leave your game session open while you are away.


In order that the game takes place in the best conditions for each Player, it is recommended to adopt a correct attitude. It is thus strictly prohibited to:

  1. Harass (a), or threaten (b) players in anyway.

    1. Harass: Covers a wide range of offensive behaviour. It is commonly understood as behaviour intended to disturb or upset, and it is characteristically repetitive. In the legal sense, it is intentional behaviour which is found threatening or disturbing.

    2. Threaten: A threat is an act of coercion wherein an act is proposed to elicit a negative response. It is a communicated intent to inflict harm or loss on another person. Threats made towards another Player will not be tolerated.


  1. The use of offensive language in such as those that are of a racist nature, obscene, sexual, abusive, drug use, real life threatening or anti-religious are strictly forbidden and will be punished accordingly ranging from warnings, muting, jailing or permanent banning depending on severity.


  1. Since harassment and offensive language is a broad term that can be interpretable in many ways, it is up to the discretion of the senior staff members to decide what or would be deemed as harassing or offensive to a reasonable person. It is strongly recommended that you do not use these subjects for the purpose of mockery or in an aggressive way; and even less to incite or inflame others to use the same type of chat:

  • Pornography

  • Violence

  • Religion

  • Suicide

  • Racism

  • Drugs

  • Alcohol

  • Illegal content (cheat, pirating - Illegal copying, use or distribution of Software or Materials)

  • Discrimination (misogyny, homophobia, violation of human dignity etc.)

The penalty for violating Rules 1 or 2 is Tier Based – the more you violate them the more severe your penalty.


  1. You must not use or transmit any content which is protected by intellectual property laws unless you own these rights or have procured the necessary permissions. You will be liable for any legal implications that result from any infringements of copyright, trademarks and any other proprietary rights.

  2. Impersonating any past or present employees/volunteers of Toontown World Online is strictly forbidden.

  3. You must not use Toontown World Online owned or website for commercial purposes such as advertising.

  4. Transferring or trading of accounts in Toontown World Online are strictly forbidden. (This includes account sharing – Use of Account by other than Registered Player of that account). No player alive or dead shall give his account to anyone.

  5. You must not organize or be a member of any groups or clans that facilitate or are based on racist, anti-religious or other hate based philosophies. It is also forbidden to do anything that is a threat to the game or interferes with the gaming and game play of the game.

  6. You must not modify the game client in any way or attempt to hack or otherwise interfere with any data transmissions to and from the servers servicing any Toontown World Online games.

  7. Exploiting quests, bugs or any other facets of Toontown World Online that are not related to fair Game Play i.e. to increase level ranking etc. is not allowed.

  8. You must not hold Toontown World Online responsible for any loss of data or virtual property or usage resulting from information passed between players or server stability such as restarts and crashes; both of which are out of our control.

  9. You must provide clear, high resolution screenshot evidence that is Date & Time Stamped  of any offence that you wish to report. No action will be taken on an offense without conclusive date & time stamped evidence provided by the reporter. Investigations will not be initiated without proper initial screenshot evidence.


Punishment Structure

Offensive language / Swearing / Spam:

  • 1st Warning: 24 hours muted

  • 2nd Warning: 72 hour muted

  • 3rd Warning: 1 week muted

  • 4th Warning: 2 weeks muted

  • 5th Warning: 1 month muted

  • 6th Warning: Permanent muted


Harassment / Explicit language (Discrimination, Racism, Drugs, Pornography, Violence, etc.)


  • 1st Warning: 1 week muted

  • 2nd Warning: 2 weeks muted

  • 3rd Warning: 3 weeks muted

  • 4th Warning: 4 weeks muted

  • 5th Warning: 1 month Jail + Permanent muted

Hindering gameplay


  • Any In-game attitude with purpose and/or effect of hindering normal gameplay activity and communications between users, will result in a permanent account suspension.

  • Those infractions which doesn't fit on the upper description will be reviewed and punished by Toon Trooper/Resistance Ranger Team using this sanctions list as reference.

  • Complaints about stolen items, etc. won't be attended.


Account stealing due to account data transfer


  • Account data transfer by owner is the main reason for stolen account issues (99, 99%).

  • This action will be punished by suspending both accounts.


We reserve the right to record all information on player activities in order to verify player claims, troubleshoot technical issues and for policy enforcement. We are within our rights to keep this information confidential unless warranted by a court of law to provide evidence.


We reserve the right to amend or change these player conduct guidelines without your consent and at any time. The Community will then be informed in "News & Announcements” on the forum and by an In-Game Announcement.


If you do not wish to accept any of the articles detailed within this player conduct guideline please desist from playing.


These codes are not all inclusive and other actions may also be determined as abuse by Staff Members.

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