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Sir Kippy

[28/01/2016 TTW-Pre-Alpha-v2.5.2 Release

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Please welcome 2.5.2 with X2 XP from defeated Cogs. We believe this release fixes all the tedious core instability issues created in 2.5.0 (we're sorry!)

This is a maintenance release. It contains a complete change log of changes made to Toontown World Online. It also includes patches from maintenance patches.

Maintenance releases contains new features, changes, improvements, tweaks, fixes and performance improvements.

Note from developers:

Please update Main Game Data and Phase Files

We were very excited about version 2.5.0 - but some underlying changes had caused core instabilities so we decided to roll some things back that aren't quite ready so we can continue to improve core gameplay.


  • Hourly fireworks on holiday's! Fireworks will play in every playground (Flippy setup an operation with Resistance Rangers to put up firework stands at Cog HQs without them knowing)!

  • Added back Toonfest grounds. Go and see Flippy and his unusual friend, ‘Fluffy’ (I hope I got that right – that’s just what I’ve been told).

  • Double XP Global XP Booster has been activated! Get DOUBLE XP from defeated Cogs, better hurry – it won’t last long!

  • Welcome Buddy in ToonFest Grounds. He's been dopey in meetings, his duties include working at ToonFest.

  • Added some tweaks to some holiday events that will be used at appropriate times and dates.

  • The Cogs are boring us even more! With some new phrases!

  • Fireworks have been added into Parties, however, Parties are not enabled in this release.

  • TrueFriends! Get a code, give it to a friend and you'll be added as TrueFriend's.

  • Holiday Manager! Good tidings, Toontown will now have holiday seasons! Check the calendar!


  • Trunk addition is back! But you'll have to wait for a maintenance patch before it can hold all of your accessories!

  • Toon Resistance Lord Lowden Clear has had talks with Toon HQ, who is looped in Toon Council about a new threat. Strange buildings have been referenced in intercepted messages from Cogs. Looks like the Resistance Rangers will need to go out and investigate this matter.



  • Implemented an experimental District crashing mechanism - unruly Toons will be punished.

  • Modernized Chat Thought Bubbles to give an elastic effect.

  • Removed WASD support. 

  • Removed Toontown Library. 

  • Removed blockades to pet shops (Doodles ran away and we can't find them!)

  • Added a SpeedChat phrase that says "This will be as painful as Toontown Online closing". 

  • Upon being away too long you'll get: "Your Toon got tired and went to bed.” 

  • Disabled Parties. (Don't worry, we plan on bringing them back!)

  • Updated some disconnection messages to provide a better explanation.

  • Disabled Toontorial. 

  • Removed group merging feature. 

  • Removed pop-up notification click away feature. 

  • Removed nametag and text scaling for long distances. 

  • The VP, CJ, CFO and CEO have grown tired of Toons constantly attacking them. They decided the best tactic is to bore you to death by taunting you as you fight them.

  • Staff are now even more recognizable with a badge under their name.

  • Removed our new loading system - core game changes that were made disrupted object placement and code logic. Before 2.5.0 the code wasn't compiled, so being compiled now should help with performance.

  • Changed a system service so that if it crashes it will then automatically attempt to restart so that players can talk and login without issues that would previously arise.

  • Tweaked disconnection related messages to outline error codes and that sending them to support is a possibility if you need assistance.

  • Fixed a few grammatical issues with Toon TIPS.

  • Update model quality factors to show higher resolution for Toons at a further distance.

  • Cleanup of some administration backend systems.

  • Tidy away a few things to prepare for up-coming events.

  • MAPS will be disabled inside Cog Buildings


  • Fixed a major issue where Cogs would disappear when you fought them at a Cog HQ. Streets remained unaffected.

  • Fixed an issue where SOME Cog Building elevators were missing. Oh dear!

  • Fixed an issue where Toon's Panel did not show Last Seen time properly.

  • Fixed issues with Catalog delivery times! Items now arrive as they should.

  • Finally fixed the Gag page in your book to show your Merits correctly!

  • The Cogs fixed a hardware glitch! Utterly relentless! 2.0 Cogs no longer crash your client.

  • Fixed an issue where some Cog buildings and Toon buildings in MML and Donald's Dock had some graphical problems.

  • Cogs fixed an issue with their building management strategies and spawn properly!

  • Fixed Coderedemption system, codes now work. Try the following code for a little bonus!


  • Fix a Code Redemption bug, where any valid/invalid code typed in, said my Mailbox is full when it was not.

  • Fixed continual disconnection when players send SpeedChat phrase to friend!

  • Fixed the old Toontown Online's Knockback bug with lured Cogs!

  • Cog HP now properly updates on knockback.

  • Fixed a bug where you could run into cog bosses when stunned.

  • Implement a fix for SpeedChat, where it would take several seconds to load the SpeedChat menu/phrases!

  • Implemented a fix for doors, signs, buildings where they would fade and flicker! No more! We're rounding up more of these little annoyances to bring you a better experience. Extra credit to Daviddave.

  • The Geyser in the OZ no longer crashes you. However, you cannot be lifted up into the air for safety reasons!

  • Loony Labs fixed an issue with their radar system so now you can view MAPS properly when on ToonTasks to assist you around Toontown!

  • Fix a client crash for minigame quest(s).

  • Fixed Fish Bingo!

  • Golfing now works! Tee off's anyone?

  • The Speed Gag Buff now actually increases your Toon's walking speed dramatically throughout Toony locations, apart from inside Factories, HQ bosses and inside buildings.

  • Fixed fireworks!

    • Fixed a firework crash in Toontown Central Playground!

  • SpeedChat phrases no longer have to arrive in your mailbox, once purchased you can use them right away!

  • Fixed Mint rooms, the Dollar Mint had an issue where there were invisible barriers and you couldn’t easily get past them to get through the Mint.

  • Implement a fix for camera angles for the CFO boss.

  • Implement a fix for a rare crash when Cogs fly-in and land.


  • Implemented a system-wide change of a particular function that was going depreciated and bogging down memory. We'd say that loading generally is at least 2 times faster and less memory is consumed by having the game client open for long periods.


  • Implement a new layer of additional security that is cross-referenced from server to client.
  • Our 2.5.0 launcher now supports our new login system! Only approved testers will be given an account to login to so they can access the game.


Known problems:

  • You can sometimes crash when you exit your Estate. A workaround is to go inside your House and teleport away instead of being outside and in your Estate.

  • Chat bubbles can sometimes appear to far right - temporary solution is to face the direction of the talker.

  • Clarabelle's Catalog phone animation doesn't always play.

Edited by Sir Kippy
Add missing changelog - TrueFriend feat.
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Haha! Seems like it's coming along great! Can't wait to see it's progress! I especially like the new speedchat option! Good luck with the new holiday feature!! :)

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28 minutes ago, Jazyblu said:

Haha! Seems like it's coming along great! Can't wait to see it's progress! I especially like the new speedchat option! Good luck with the new holiday feature!! :)

We love the holiday feature SO much that we plan on re-writing it in the next release so it can do even more Toontastic things! And! Some very Cog-Mation stuff. 

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