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The latest changes to the launcher in the 2.5.2 X series allows you to be up to date automatically – all you need to do is open the launcher and it will check for launcher and game updates. From time to time we may need to offer a complete re-install for you.


Required steps to install client:

Section A)

  1. Get client: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1a3GaPDJzXyiI69YQCJQDvk2CwmOlZSlV/view

  2. Download in Chrome, or any other browser of your choice. 

  3. Ensure your antivirus does not delete the installer file, if it is deleted by Chrome or antivirus, create an exception or temporarily disable your antivirus


Running the game client

Section B)

  1. Look on Desktop for the Toontown World Online Launcher icon (a shortcut is created).

  2. If you don't see one, or when opening the file doesn't exist it means your anti-virus has deleted the file, follow section. A. 3.

  3. When the launcher opens for the first time it will download the latest launcher updates.

  4. Login using account registration details from: http://toontownworldonline.com/registration.html

  5. Type your valid login credentials and the game will check for updates – if it is your first open it could take 5-10 minutes to download all the required files.

  6. After checking for updates the launcher will open the game.





Do you support Macs?


We do not currently support Macs


Why have the launcher files been deleted?


Your antivirus might be removing the file. Temporarily disable the antivirus or create an exception so it doesn't block/delete the launcher start-up files.


I am unable to connect to game after login!


Some antivirus software (e.g Norton) may block TTWEngine.exe from accessing the internet - allow it.


I am still having issues - what else can I try?


Try running the launcher as an administrator.


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