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  1. Purr Sir Veerance

    Doodles follow you around!

    mm.. i wouldn't. the doodles following you around with a bunch of toons on the server, if there are a bunch of toons, would lag the server and make it a horrible game experience for everyone. itd probably render it unusable.
  2. Purr Sir Veerance

    Hello New Year! Bye-bye Booster.

    'Tis the season to be-- wait, we're done with that? Already? ...Huh. It seems like only a month ago the holiday season was in full swing! Oh well. It was fun while it lasted. But I think we've all had enough of the Christmas carols and the fireworks. But, as those have come and go, along with it has our XP booster. Yep, it seems you no longer get the boosted XP during an invasion. Oh well. Maybe you'll see it again someday. Anyway toons, happy New Year (a few days late, at that)! Make 2015 a fun one!
  3. Purr Sir Veerance

    [resolved] Brief Fixer-upper

    And that concludes our maintenance period! Fast, wasn't it?
  4. Hey toons! It seems that we have a few things to clear up and update, so we're going down for a scheduled maintance period! Stay tooned for updates on the subject!