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  1. Why is everyone complaining about guests? Everytime I log onto the forum there isn't a single guest on.

    1. Sir Kippy

      Sir Kippy

      Only two people "complained". They were curious. I resolved the issue and explained the issue.

  2. Scootakip

    Toon Platoon! - 30/04/2015

    Nice Platoon Happy to see it working.
  3. Scootakip

    Mounts for toons

    I also wanted there to be some sort of mount that toons could ride on to get from area to area faster. Think about big desolate areas such as Lawbot HQ where you sorta just have to spend time running straight forward to get somewhere in LBHQ, it's annoying. What if toons could buy mounts for them to ride on and for a speed boost? My first idea was that toons could buy a saddle to ride on their doodle, another idea was mounts that could be bought from the catalog. What does the community think about this idea, and if you like it, what ideas to you have for mounts in-game?
  4. Scootakip

    Level 8 gags/Higher Level Cogs?

    I think that a level 8 drop gag could be an elephant being dropped across all the cogs in the battle. I noticed that Toontown Online had a lot of elephant jokes and I thought it would fit for their to be an elephant related gag (Besides the elephant trunk sound gag). [DOUBLEPOST=1430437487,1430437382][/DOUBLEPOST]I also think that lvl 8 gags should have 100% accuracy, but they are even harder to earn than lvl 7 gags so it would be stupid to waste them. They would only be used in emergency situations when the toons don't have any lvl 7 gags with them, or the lvl 7 gag isn't enough (This would be the case if higher level cogs are implemented into the game.)
  5. How old is this game?

  6. I have hope in this game!