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    Hello Toons! Professor Prepostera wonders how active we can make the SillyMeter. During the event the SillyMeter will cycle through all levels of sillyness with the help of you Toons. What to do? At the start of the event visit the Toontown Central Toon Hall. As Toons spread the fun by doing all means of pranks and jokes to Cogs, the silliness will rise! As it rises more silly things will happen! If you are not successful in battling the Cogs and keeping the SillyMeter levels high you won't get Toon-ups, but Laff levels of Toon's will actually go down! How do I raise the Silly Levels? The Cogs won't like the silliness one bit and will do anything to keep it down, so far as to bring in The Big Cheese invasions, so keep busting! Each Cog and building are worth points, each level of points increases the Silly Meter phase! Be careful, because the Cogs will do anything to bring the levels down. All you need to do is keep busting! What kind of rewards can the SillyMeter give me? The SillyMeter will give out codes as the event progresses Expect Toontastic firework shows! NPC Toons give out other kind of rewards as well! Expect more sillyness from Doodles! What else will they reveal to us?
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    It's time to make Toontown toonier, sillier, and wackier than ever!
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    From October 22 to November 1, round up your Toon friends, put on your costume and accessories. Ghosts, bats, scarecrows, jack o' lanterns, and all kinds of kooky 'n creepy crawlies have materialized around the streets of Toontown! Even your own Estate enjoys eerie decorations, and it all means Halloween time has arrived! October is a booo-tiful time to be a Toon! Oh, and there's a x3 XP booster during the holiday!
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    Toons! The resistance team have been hearing of strange going’s at Sellbot towers and fear the VP is up to wacky stuff. We’re giving out Rental Suits for all Toons to tour the VP and give him a good whack! When? Starting on 25th August 2018!