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    Hello Toons. This maintenance patch might include features/additions, but the main purpose is to provide a quick fix to ensure the game runs smoothly. We hope to address some quick issues: Complete backend overhaul with holidays. Addressed some client lag from opening the Calendar. Implement score saving for TopToons, so no data is lost when maintenance occurs. Fix an issue where the Cog's speech shows in the same font as Toon speech. Additions: Something strange is happening in Acorn Acres (for those brave new Toons, you can access Acorn Acres by going to Punchline Place, into Donald's Dock)! More Lore and information will "follow" (pun intended). Parties are available again for you to test! Add Jellybean Jam holiday Add Toons Go Green holiday. Add Trolley Tracks holiday. SillyMeter is active on Saturdays Fix resistance emote giving in Donald's Dreamland by Whispering Willow (Relax to the Max shop). The Cogs are starting their holiday invasions. Luckily Toon HQ stole the internal MEMO for the schedule. Implement permanent safe zone for Toontastic Place (Toon HQ have secured ToonTastic Place District from invasions permanently!). Implement proper code for Rental Suits, for those Toons who need to work on their Cog Disguises (shh! Don't tell the Cogs!). The Rental Suit is only available for *certain* events.